Esha & Vineeth

April 16, 2022Cancun, Mexico


Due to the ongoing situation with COVID-19, we have made the difficult decision to postpone our Wedding from June 2020 / 2021 to April 2022. This is unfortunate given how the events have unfolded; however, considering the safety of everyone attending the wedding festivities, we believe this is the right decision.

We can’t wait to celebrate our Big Fat Indian Wedding with you when the time is right!

On our website you can get the run down of what to expect during the weekend. You can also read more about our love story and get to know our bridal party below. Visit our other pages to book your accommodations and plan your weekend! We are so excited to share our special day with family and friends who mean the world to us!

See you in Mexico!!

Esha and Vineeth


P.S. Don’t forget to pack your dancing shoes

Our Story
E & V

Esha and Vineeth met while she was interning at Boeing in Seattle, and he was working at Amazon. Their paths crossed in the Emerald City and since then the rest is history.

What followed was two years of a blossoming relationship while 2300 miles apart, but nothing that a few roundtrip flights couldn't help fix (Thanks to Delta!). In the end, things were meant to be and Esha ended up in Seattle also working at Amazon.

After a few months as an Amazon power couple, Vineeth brought together family and friends from both sides for a special moment, to ask a special question. With friends and family watching us (behind the cover of bushes and boats!) she said yes! And so begins a wonderful journey...

Wedding Party

Sriram Rangaramanujan

Best Man

Vishakh Harikumar

Brother of the Groom

Tejas Bedi

Brother of the Bride

Karthik Krishnakumar

Cousin of the Groom

Duncan Koss

Friend of the Groom

Catherine Milgate

Friend of the Groom

Aparna Varma

Friend of the Groom

Priya Prabhakar

Friend of the Groom

Isha Chauhan

Friend of the Groom

Jadin Bedi - Junior Groomsman

Cousin of the Bride

Jaya Bedi - Flower Girl

Cousin of the Bride

Pranita Balusu

Maid of Honor

Dhruv Kohli

Cousin of the Bride

Katelyn Bedi

Cousin of the Bride

Medha Sinha

Friend of the Bride

Avani Yaganti

Friend of the Bride

Tara Sebastian

Friend of the Bride

Maya Lawande

Friend of the Bride

Sam Putnam

Friend of the Bride

Sharon Thomas

Friend of the Bride

Abby Bangs

Friend of the Bride

Disha Kohli - Junior Bridesmaid

Cousin of the Bride

Iyla Bedi - Flower Girl

Cousin of the Bride